A Moxie Fab Thank You

Today, I’m participating in a blog hop to wish Cath Edvalson from the Moxie Fab world all the best!

Moxie Fab Banner 4

Cath, thank you for being so inspiring and keeping all of us paper crafters on alert with the latest trends and everyday inspirations. The challenges you created for us were fabulous! Β Thank you for helping to create a tight-knit paper crafting community. Β So to you, Cath, I wish you the very best:


And this party continues! Please see the blog hop link list below (I’m #220)!

Thank you, Cath! xo- Tyra


30 thoughts on “A Moxie Fab Thank You

  1. Thank you so much for this trendilicious card, Tyra! I absolutely love it and am honored that you created it for little ol’ me! Thank you, also, for tall the love and support you have shown me and the Moxie Fab World. I had such an incredibly good time there, and I’m *so glad* I got to know you along the way! Hugs and loves to you, my moxie fab friend! πŸ™‚


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