Humpday Hero to the rescue: Crayons

Hi! I’m back to share a little experimentation I did with good old fashioned crayons. Using a simple and inexpensive medium like crayons allows you to experiment with color (before playing with more expensive mediums):



This card is the result of a mistake I made when I colored the card stock with crayons then die cut it…backwards.  Little did I know that this mistake would produce a cool, “backlit” effect! See the subtle hints of pink and blue?   My photo doesn’t do this card justice, but I encourage you to try this technique  if want to add a wisp of color to an otherwise super clean and simple card.




Again, I created another card to demonstrate how crayons play nicely with die cuts.

That’s all I have for now. Explore more fun facts about Crayola crayons here.  Take care and thank you for stopping by my blog! xo, Tyra



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