Creating a Focal Point

*Originally Published on Craftwell’s Blog*

Hey Crafty friends! It’s me, Tyra and I’m here to share how I used the beautiful dies from Teresa Collins’ A Girl’s Best Friend set to create a focal point.

A focal point is simply the center of activity or focus in a design that you would like to draw the eye to.   In each of my projects I used one die and a contrasting color or pattern to create a design with a single focal point.  Let’s see what I created!

1. In this first card I used the single gemstone die in a contrasting color against a backdrop of neutrals to create a focal point.

Craftwell TC A Girls Best Friend Set Gem Card Tyra Babington


2. For my second card I used the beautiful star plate die on a navy starry patterned paper to create a focal point against the pastel colored elements in the card.

Craftwell TC A Girls Best Friend Set Star Card Tyra Babington


3.  For my last project, I created a shadow box featuring the beautiful bow die in a pretty pink pattern that contrasts well with the gray and white neutral background.

Craftwell TC A Girls Best Friend Set Gem Bow Shadow Box Decor Tyra Babington

These three projects are examples of how you can use just one single die and contrasting color to create a striking design!  I hope I have inspired you today! Take care and thanks so much for stopping by the blog! Tyra 🙂


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