Designing December: Foundation Pages

Hi It’s Tyra and I’m here to share my December journal foundation pages.  First, stop here to see specially what supplies and journaling prompts I’m using and stop here for my recommendations for Designing Your December.









I’m still working on several pages, but I still wanted to share my #25 I created using embossing fluid and gold embossing powder.  I like how it turned out…


At first glance, you might notice that:

  • I used floating numbers which will provide me the flexibility to move numbers around as I add pictures and journaling.
  • I am using a lot of transparencies.  I wanted to keep the inside feeling “light” and airy.  Transparencies helped a ton!
  • I didn’t stick to using christmas themed supplies 100% of the time.  Instead, I  shopped my stash and used supplies that complemented the overall color scheme (if there is one — ha!).
  • This year, I’m using #30 Days of Lists for journaling prompts.  It’s fun, easy and my track record is 100% completion! (I’m sharing my September cards, slowly but surely here).
  • I used my silhouette A LOT. For numbers, some embellishments and tags.  I think this has helped personalize my page.
  • Oh, and I’m missing numbers.  I’m missing the number 5 because it melted in an embossing incident.  I’m missing other numbers, because I need to purchase a few more filler pages.
  • And I can’t believe I created a post of foundation pages.

Check back soon for more foundation pages and more thoughts on what I loved about assembling my December Journal.  Take care and thanks for stopping by! xo- Tyra


30 Days of Lists #7 – 10

I am back with my #30 Days of Lists from September.  As I look at this picture with my cards, I’m not sure what I was doing with my numbering scheme!   However, I love how #30 Days of Lists provides interesting questions that seem to get to heart who you are: your likes, dislikes, quirks and everything in-between.  So with that I will share some (funny) answers to one of the lists: #9: Weird Stuff that makes me cry:


List#9: Weird Stuff That Makes Me Cry

  • Dirty Dancing, the movie (um, yes). The part where Johnny Castle/Patrick Swayze says “No one puts Baby in a corner,” and then they just…dance..Um, yes.  OH MY GOODNESS!  I just break down in TEARS!   By the way, Patrick Swayze talks about that line here.
  • Looking at old pictures of family and friends.  Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed by the nostalgia of looking at old photos and just remembering, you know what I mean?
  • TV Shows. Yes, and some of my favorites include Homeland, Lost and Once Upon a Time. I love a good story involving people trying to find the good in the midst of a broken life.
  • Books. I have a very active imagination and I tend to get completely engrossed and attached to most books I read.  The last book I read was “The Fault in Our Stars.” One book I’ve tried to start is Before Ever After, however I can’t move past the events occurring in just the first few pages. It’s just too much.
  • And last but not least, but most embarrassing is…..RUDY (yes…the…movie).  I hide these tears..but I can’t help it.   I love my school and this movie reminds me of my time on campus.

This is why I love#30 Days of Lists. It is a fun opportunity to gather and revisit random pieces of our lives and past. This December I will be listing in my holiday journal.  Thanks so much for stopping by! xo, Tyra


30 Days of Lists #3-6

Hi, It’s Tyra and I’m (FINALLY) back with the rest of my listing from 30 Days of Lists’ September listing. I think from this set of journaling prompts I am reminded to just relax and be myself. Accept myself.


“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

― Oscar Wilde


Designing December: My Personal Holiday Journal

Today I’m sharing what I (hopefully) will become my December Journal for this year.  My assembly of supplies is based on a recent post over at CraftSwag where I provide guidance on assembling your holiday journal.

Here, I will share my personal plans.  My goal is to keep things simple this year as I have a lot going on with family, outside work and crafty work.  Here is a sneak peek:


The supplies I’m using this year include:

  • Simple Stories 6 x 8 binder
  • Card stock and embellishments from SEI, Allison Kreft.
  • Stamps from Sweet Stamp Shop, Hero Arts, Paper Smooches, maybe more
  • Ribbon from Michael’s
  • Whatever else in the existing stash that are shades of teal, red.
  • Journaling using 30 Days of Lists.
  • #Currently Stamp
  • Oh Life prompts.

I hope to assemble the journal this month. I will get my journaling prompts from 30 Days of Lists, a journaling adventure I joined for the first time this past September that I ACTUALLY COMPLETED! It was easy, fast and that’s probably the reason I stuck with it all the way through.  I carried around a stack of project life sized cards and a pen and logged into my phone for the daily prompts. So, yeah, I’m going to do this again.  My ‘fourth child,” CraftSwag,  is a sponsor this year.  My pictures are coming straight from my phone or what ever is given to me by my family.

I will do my best to keep you posted on how this is working for me  Depending on how successful I am, I may use a similar documentation style for a project life journal in 2014.  We’ll see.


A link to my foundation pages

Progress  (check back 12/21/13)

30 Days of Lists #2


Projects I’m working on. Ha! after reviewing this journaling card again, I realized I didn’t complete the card. Most likely because I could fill up the entire stack of journaling cards on the topic of “things to do.”

Interested in 30 Days of Lists? See my original post here.

30 Days of Lists #1


I’m participating in 30 Days of Lists and wanted to share what I’m listing.   One of the highlights from List #1 include attending the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) Winter Convention in Anaheim, California this year, representing my work-in-progress CraftSwag!  I learned so much about the craft industry, met many people behind the different brands and made new friends.  I definitely plan on attending next January (Let me know if you are making plans to attend, I would love to say hi!).

Back to 30 Days of  Lists.

Journaling is a great way to get a mental reflection of where you are and who you are right now.  In the 30 Days of Lists community there is a kinship formed with others who share similar experiences, thoughts and/or ideas.

The Album:

I created this quick & easy mini album with just a few tools.  The journaling prompts are quick & easy.  Quick + Easy = My recipe for success!  The Challenge just started so there is still time to join.   Take care and thanks for stopping by! xo-Tyra