30 Days of Lists: The Rest of September

I’m here to share the rest  of my #30 Days of Lists, from September.  I’ll say it again (and again) how I love how #30 Days of Lists provides interesting questions that seem to get to heart who you are: your likes, dislikes, quirks and everything in-between.  I will share a few favorite lists from my remaining cards:


List #19: Qualities I admire in others:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • lovingkindness (a beautiful sounding & looking word, isn’t it?)
  • respectful
  • kind
  • hunble /down to earth

I don’t really have anything further to say about this because I think each characteristic speaks for itself. Wouldn’t you agree?


List: #26: Rules for being my friend

Sounds like a long lost list note from high school, huh? Seriously, my closest friends are genuine and nonjudgmental.  It’s something my mind and spirit can really sense in another person and at the same time this puts me at ease.   The other characteristics that follow closely behind are trust and love.  And that makes a good friendship a great one.


List # 28: In my fridge

I just want to point out that I think it’s hilarious that at one point both Kale (the superfood) and Pecan Pie (ultimate super gooey sweet bad for you food) coexisted in my fridge.

That’s it for my September List!

It’s NOT too late to join the December Listing!!!

I’m listing in my holiday journal. It’s not too late to join the fun!  Click on the link below for more details. My fourth child CraftSwag is a sponsor this year and I have created a freebie for listers!!   Thanks so much for stopping by! xo, Tyra



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