Week In The Life: A Wednesday In 2015

I keep my life on a heavy rotation
Requesting that it’s lifting you up
Up up and away
And over to a table at the Gratitude Café

—Make It Mine, Jason Mraz

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 (I recovered my pictures)


Wednesday (I always have trouble spelling Wednesday, when I’m typing, I’m phonetically thinking Weh – NES – day and add a d.  That and the word “survey.” I always misspell it “survery”) started off with a cup of Dunkin (1 cream 1 sugar).  

Speaking of Dunkin D, I mentioned to “Husband” that I noticed the super giant mug in the store and I was wondering if it was too big to be a personal mug, but it was a nice personal mug.  Husband gently informed me that it wasn’t a personal mug, it’s a community sized “mug” for bringing coffee to the office, or some occasion like that.   Oh, okay, I was just playin’.   I wasn’t really thinking about buying it as a personal mug (yes I was).

Dinner was Costco pasta and fancy Vodka sauce topped with basil Leaves (the basil was fresh and it’s counts as a vegetable right?)

And I included this picture of a basket I found at Home Goods. Check out that painter’s tape still on the floor.  We are going to touch up the baseboards, I guess.  The clouds that rolled in last evening and I wish I took a picture.  I didn’t want to look like a crazy lady on the porch, pointing my camera at the sky.  I’ll try not to care next time.

Realize that when I type about an ordinary day, I’m in a good place,  because a month ago, I would have typed about one of my sweet children being ill.  I’m thankful for the ordinary. I’m thankful for a lot of activity that leaves me tired at the end of the day.

And today was another one of those full and ordinary days.  I’m thankful.  I pray I never take it for granted.

Check out Tuesday here.


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