Week In The Life: A Friday In 2015

So much love 
The kids are laughing in their sleep 
Swimming through their dreams into the morning 
So peaceful all the stories that we’re told 
Lead them through the night back from the shadows 
So much joy every little girl and boy 
Even better when they wake up tomorrow 
So much love

—In the Morning, Jack Johnson

Friday, August 21, 2015


Apparently, my memory fails me, because this potpourri of photos reveals that on this particular Friday I used my best buy gift card (I received a gift card, for a small dent left on my macbook after a recent repair)  to get the new memory card for my camera.  My “smartphone” camera phone was still broken.

Cantaloupe was on the menu for a weekday breakfast,  and there were plans to attend the state fair courtesy of my place of work providing free tickets.  Last, I’m reminded of an unpainted stairway for one last week (it was painted the following week).

See that little lady standing in the light of her brother’s doorway? We were getting ready for school.  This collection of photos captures just a whisper of Friday.

Thursday is here.


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