Coffee Lovers Blog Hop, Late to the Party

I’m playing along in the Coffee Lover’s Blog Hop! (Better late than never — right?)  A special thanks to Chaitali, at Cuts, Crops and Creativity for hosting such a fabulous event!


Enjoy The Little Things Like Coffee JustTyra Sweet Stamp Shop Clique Kits_edited-1

Do you see the stars around that cute cup from the Sweet Stamp Shop? That’s how I feel when I have a chance to pick up coffee in the morning! Coffee makes everything okay, doesn’t it? Last, but not least, here a little “coffee trivia” from me:

Q:  When did you start drinking coffee?

A: Maybe just over a 1 1/2 years ago! I have a 3-5 cup/week habit! (Including coffee brewed at home)

Q:  What is favorite brand (you can name up to three).

A:  Well, this is how my coffee habit formed.  My husband discovered this special little brand called “Highlander Grog” from a fine little coffee shop here in Indianapolis.  I believe there are hints of caramel and hazelnut in this blend.  We are always stocked with a bag (or two) of this deliciousness.  If I can’t get my hand on this, I will go for the Hazelnut flavored coffee at Panera Bread Co.

Q:  What is the most amazing coffee that you had? Remember where and when?

A: See the question above. Seriously! This love started when my husband brought home a freshly brewed cup of this goodness on a Saturday.

Q:  If I don’t drink my needed coffee, I will…

A: Shed one sad tear! (smile)

Thanks so much for dropping by! xo, Tyra


16 thoughts on “Coffee Lovers Blog Hop, Late to the Party

  1. Hi Tyra…your card is so clean and simple and I love the bold sentiment and tiny coffee cup soo cuuuteeee nice DP you have choosen and nice star there too and the clips…CUTE ADORABLE card you made and you are number 281 yaaayyy….I join too the Bloghop…if you wanna look at my card it is # 46 on the linky party…would be glad if you could visiting me back…A very happy National Coffee Day for you too 🙂


  2. Tyra! Love your card, and hazelnut is my fave flavored coffee! Let’s have a cup next time I visit Indianapolis! [which is almost an annual birthday trip – you have Cheesecake Factory AND Crate and Barrel!!!]


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